MERIDIQ Patient record system & app
for aesthetic clinics and beauty salons
available soon!


This application is designed for all clinics and practitioners, as today everyone should afford keeping records online.

Multi Device

Access from any device or browser securely with token based login.

Cloud Based

Your journals are secure on an AWS encrypted server.

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Patients can sign letter of consent in the app, which is digitally stored in the client record.

GDPR approved

Patient privacy protected with secure access and levels of security in app.

Ease Of Use

Designed for simplicity, so users can focus on treatments rather than paperwork.

Online record system for clinics & beauty saloons

MERIDIQ is designed for all clinics and beauty saloons that need a secure record system that is easy to use. This affordable app is perfect for smaller to mid-sized clinics that want an affordable system for record keeping of the patients treatments.

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Patient registration

Sign up before arrival

Patients are able to register online before arrival to the clinic and create a profile. This includes all contact details, but also health questionnaire and aesthetic interests and preferences.

Cloud upload meridiq app record data

Cloud storage

Secure journal data

All data from patients and records are securely stored on an AWS server. Your patient information, images and treatment data is safely stored for life. Reach this at any time, on any device, anywhere!

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User friendly

Effortless system

This app and journal system is supposed to be simple. This journal system does not include complex bookings systems or register management.

  • We got the opportunity to test the MERIDIQ app, and we believe this will become our new system to store our patient records safely online.

Pricing Plans

Choose our free plan to get a hang of things and try the record system. Upgrade for the need of your clinic and amount of storage you require.



Completely Free

  • Try our app for unlimited period of time with a limit of 20 records, 1 Gb storage and one user.



5€ a month

  • One user
  • Up to 500 Records
  • 5 Gb Cloud Storage



59€ a month

  • 20 users
  • Up to 10,000 Records
  • 160 Gb Cloud Storage

Frequently asked questions

Is this both for Apple and Android?

Yes, the app works with both Apple and Android devices, tablets and any browser so you can also use desktop computers.

What is the best way to contact support?

The best way to contact support is through the support form inside the application or read in our documentation section here.

Is this a booking system?

No, this application is used only for patient journal keeping for treatments and contact details. Future releases will include booking system integrations and POS linking.

How long is the subscription?

The subscription is on a monthly basis, so you can decide when to upgrade for more users and journals. You can end the subscription at any time, however there is no refund for the current month.

Recieve a notification when we launch

So we just got the website up and running and our app and system is almost ready for launch. We estimate launch date on the 1st June 2020, so sign up here for our newsletter and get notified when the app is live. Once you have tried the app we love to hear your comments.