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A simple patient record and booking system

Welcome to MERIDIQ, an easy to use and secure patient record and booking system for all aesthetic and beauty professionals. MERIDIQ is designed to suit the needs of small clinics and aestheticians that want to keep well documented records of their patient treatments.

Our patient record system is free to try with no limitations on functions. You can upgrade to a paid version for more storage and users at any time.


We believe that all clinics should have a patient record system. MERIDIQ has a low cost and you only pay per users when you need.


Easy to Use

We have designed the system from a user perspective. Features and improvements are made from your feedback. You can help by giving your ideas to us.


Web & App

The system is fully online based and is accessible from any device and any browser. MERIDIQ is also available as an App for iPhone & Android completely free!

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Online registration of patients

One of the best features of MERIDIQ is the smooth and professional way to welcome your clients through the registration portal with forms that include:

MERIDIQ on black tablet patient view
MERIDIQ registration portal health questionnaire on laptop
MERIDIQ settings screen on black iphone

Patient administration at your fingerstips

Regardless if you are using the app or your web browser, all patient data is easy to make anywhere, anytime on any device!


No hidden fees or startup costs

Just choose the level of subscription that suits your need. Our free trial has no limitations on functions and no credit card needed to sign up. You can always upgrade at any time.

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