What is meant with a “Zoom-boom”

zoom-boom videokonferens kvinna framför dator

A so-called “Zoom-boom” is an expression that refer to the increasing number of beauty and aesthetic treatments that took place during the pandemic. This was a symptom of increased awareness of the personal esthetics during video conferences. The explosion of injection treatments and plastic surgery in 2020 could be traced to the fact that you saw yourself during video meetings and thus wanted to make aesthetic changes.

Zoom increased the number of users

Zoom, which is a leading company for video conferencing, grew strongly in 2020 when social distancing became a requirement. Millions of people globally used this service as a tool in their work-lives during the same year. As a result, the expression zoom-boom became very natural.

The pandemic simplifies treatments

The pandemic, which caused many people to work from home, also removed obstacles for aesthetic treatments. After a procedure, you are often swollen, have bruises or other visible scars that you like to avoid showing in a workplace. Since work from home was now called upon for periods of time, one could therefore work unnoticeably as the procedure healed.