Why should I use comparison images?

Show differences live

Before and after images can be used to immediately see changes. This can be on aesthetic treatments, make-up, haircuts or anything else.

Share results

Regardless if it is lip fillers or a new haircut, you can instantly share results through before and after images through social media or your website.

Increase trust

If you have a clinic or conduct treatments, it is important for clients to see results before they choose you as their professional. This is a good way to build trust by showing results.

Start using the tool

This is how it works


Examples of before and after images

Below we have a few examples of how before and after images can look like after you have used the tool and downloaded the images.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, both the tool is free and our patient record system up to 20 patients. Our mission is that everyone should afford secure patient data management. This is why the price is low even in our paid version.

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No, we do not save any images created from this tool due to privacy reasons

Are these your pictures and you have a consent from the patient, you can use this on social media. However it is not advisable to use in commercial advertising purposes though. 

Yes, we have included this function to use inside the app so you can easily create and save before/after images in the patient library. 


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