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Online booking system

Free booking system for your clinic or salon

Simplify the administration of your clinic or salon with MERIDIQ booking system, specifically developed for the beauty industry. Easy integration and completely free from extra costs or fees per booking.

Completely Free

  • No tie-in period

  • No startup costs

  • Get started in less than 5 minutes

  • Unlimited amounts of bookings

Simplify your business

  • Beauty salon

  • Aesthetic clinic

  • Aestheticians and beauty therapists

  • Private health care

User friendly

  • Simple bookings

  • Customizable booking page

  • Powerful scheduling tool

  • Integration to record system

Easy scheduling

  • Create your own templates
  • Manage parallell practitioners
  • Day, weekly or monthly views
  • Customizable time intervalls
  • Schedule bookings or own private times

Hassle free

Get started for free in less than 5 minutes

Completely free of charge for bookings. Unlimited functionality and bookings with no time limit. Free from tie-in periods and installation feed and no credit card information needed! Try MERIDIQ and create your free account today!

What is a booking system?

A booking system is a software scheduling tool that allows clients to book a slot for a treatment with a clinic or salon without having to call and ask. The clinic can easily display the times available for different treatments and the client can send their request for a booking online through the system.

Why should you use a booking system?

A booking system makes it easy to schedule and organise treatments, reducing the risk of double or missed bookings.

It also allows clients to easily book appointments online at any time, increasing convenience for both the clinic and the client. It can also help clinics manage their inventory and resources, such as scheduling staff and reserving equipment.

The booking system can also provide valuable data and insights into the clinic’s operations, such as identifying busy times or popular services. It can also help retain customers by sending appointment reminders, follow-up emails and automated surveys.

Furthermore, integrations with point-of-sale systems can take payments and manage customer data, making the process more efficient and secure. Automating bookings increases the clinic’s online presence and improves the customer experience.

Animerad bild på två sköterskor framför ett bokningssystem

Why should you try MERIDIQ booking system?

There are many different booking systems on the market made for different types of businesses. MERIDIQ booking system is especially developed for aesthetic clinics and salons. When you choose which booking system to use it’s important to make sure the system has the functionality you need within your budget. MERIDIQ powerful booking system is completely free to use, there is no tie-in period and no credit card information needed, so you can easily try and see if we fit well for your business needs.

Booking system for beauty salons, hairdressers, and clinics

Which booking system is best suited for beauty salons, hairdressers, and clinics?

For the smaller clinic or beauty salon, a booking system really needs to be quite simple in terms of functionality. Some of the most important basic functions that need to be in place are:

  • Patients should be able to book an appointment online.
  • The system is easy to use for both patients and practitioners.
  • You can schedule and plan resources and treatment instruments.
  • The system automatically sends out reminders and information about appointments.

Many times, booking systems have features that are not used by smaller businesses, as the needs for smaller beauty salons and clinics differ from larger companies. Before committing to a longer subscription or contract for a booking system, it might be a good idea to run a test period. Often, this allows you to get a sense of whether the system meets the requirements of your beauty salon, hairdresser, or clinic, or if something is missing. The test account or trial period of the booking system becomes an important part of the evaluation for the business.

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What sets booking systems for smaller clinics apart from larger businesses?

The number of patients, practitioners, treatment options, and needs increase as the business grows, which also leads to greater requirements for the booking system. More people need access to the system, permissions must be adjusted, and different times must be adjustable in detail as more options become available.

A smaller beauty salon mainly needs the basic functions of a booking system, especially if there aren’t many practitioners at the clinic yet. This makes it more cost-effective for a smaller clinic to use a booking system that offers levels of functionality that can be utilized as the business grows.

Free booking system from MERIDIQ

To get started quickly when you’re about to start using a booking system, it’s a good idea to look into options that offer a baseline level that can be free of charge. This is to evaluate the system and allow a period of testing before any major investment and commitment is required. A booking system that allows for increasing in levels as the clinic’s needs grow is the absolute best option for beauty salons, hairdressers, and aesthetic clinics.

MERIDIQ’s booking system offers a basic level that is free upon registration with no commitment. Test the booking system at your own pace, integrate it with electronic health records and point-of-sale systems to further streamline your processes, and gain access to all the features offered in the system.

Try MERIDIQ today without providing credit card information!