How much does a booking system cost?

kreditkort hand framför en datorskärm som har ett bokningssytem

The cost of a booking system can vary greatly, from free solutions that don’t cost a single dollar to thousands of dollars per month, and that’s not even including potential installation and set-up fees. Some companies need tailor-built solutions and a booking system that require a big budget. Other smaller companies or organizations can get by using a free version.

An online booking system is a software that allows a business to handle bookings and reservations of appointments from clients online. The booking system automates bookings from clients online and is an ideal solution for many types of business such as aesthetic clinics, beauty therapists and salons.

The functionality and volume of bookings that this type of solution can handle varies greatly depending on the type of activity and needs for which the service is built. The cost of a booking system varies depending on the features and requirements of the booking system.

These aspects affect the cost of a booking system:

  • The different functions the system offers
  • How many users the system allows
  • The volume of bookings the system can handle
  • How well-built and user-friendly the system is
  • How secure and in line with various data security rules and laws the system is
  • The duration and length of the subscription
  • How much support and assistance the system provider offers
    • Whether the system is tailor-made and integrated with other systems the organization uses

A large hospital with many different types of resources and technical equipment, staff and high demands in security and volume of bookings requires an extensive and complex booking system, often at a higher cost.

A beauty salon or an aesthetic clinic that performs minor treatments and procedures needs a different type of system, that comes at a lower price.

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Is a good booking system expensive?

“You get what you pay for” is an expression that is usually used to emphasize that you should not skip on the cost of something and that quality comes at a greater cost. Does this apply when choosing a booking system? Our answer is no! Of course, it is important to choose a secure, reliable and user-friendly system, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. An injection clinic or beauty salon doesn’t need the same functionality as a large hospital. It is important that you choose a system that contains the features you need.

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The number of Bookings often affect the cost of a booking system

A common practice for free online booking systems is that you only get a limited number of bookings associated with your account. This is quite troublesome. Your free tool will simply stop accepting bookings after a certain number of bookings and stop working. This is not just annoying for you and your business; your customers have probably started to get used to booking online and might also get unhappy when they no longer have the option.

Are there any free booking systems?

A booking system can vary in price depending on the features included in the system and the complexity of the technology required. There are online booking systems that are free of charge. However, most free offers are linked to a limited level of use of the service. If you want to try a free tool, make sure it stays free so that the offer isn’t in fact a free trail.

Things to consider before trying a free booking system

It is important to review the terms and conditions before trying out a free booking system to make sure there are no hidden charges. If it is a free trail you are subscribing to, keep in mind that you might automatically be transferred into a paid level once the trial period runs out. This is often the case if you must add your credit card details to start your trial.

Some other free booking systems only allow bookings for a few customers. If the system if free for only a certain number of bookings or users, consider if it corresponds with your needs.

Is a free booking system suitable for all businesses?

There are many different booking systems, ranging from large technology-heavy systems built for hospitals with high security and performance requirements to small, simple solutions designed to reserve a common room in a collage dorm.

For some companies, a simple free solution is sufficient, but it is always important to consider the features and security requirements before spending time and energy on testing, even if it is just a free booking system. You can read more about which online booking system is best for you here.

Free booking system for clinics and salons

Using a booking system is a great idea for aesthetic clinics or beauty salon. A lot of time is saved in the booking process when appointment and treatments can be handled in an effective way. Apart from saving time, it often increases customer satisfaction as it makes it flexible for patients to book a free slot that suits them at their own convenience.

Clinics and salons need simple, user-friendly and secure booking systems. Clinics are required to act as a professional provider of their treatments and the customer experience is important to build trust.

For clinics and salons, MERIDIQ booking system has created a simple and secure booking function that is completely free.

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