Integrate your EHR with a Booking System

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For clinics, beauty salons, and other practitioners who have started using a patient record system or EHR, it may be time to consider the possibility of connecting it with a booking system. The booking system helps your clinic save time by automizing the booking process and the management of appointments. The connection to the patient records system makes it easy to follow up the history of individual patients and facilitates relationship-building between practitioners and patients.

Cost-effective solutions for smaller clinics

For smaller clinics, the need for an all-in-one system is far from the same as for larger businesses. Large companies often have completely different financial possibilities to choose systems and a greater need for more functions. For small business owners, which is the case for many aesthetic clinics and beauty salons, systems and tools need to be easy to use and get started with, as well as cost-effective. Often, a plethora of advanced features is not necessary, and it is completely unnecessary to pay for them.

What features might the smaller clinic need in a booking system?

The ability for patients to book appointments online themselves, anytime of the day and wherever they are, is a great advantage. If there aren’t many of you working at the salon, as much time as possible is needed for everything else that comes with running a smaller business. Saving time where possible becomes crucial.

With templates in the booking system, you make it easy to schedule the available therapists and calmly consider which time slots you want to offer your patients. The risk of double bookings decreases, and the possibility to reserve rooms and equipment in advance becomes greater.

With all information gathered in one place, and the connection to the patient record system making it possible to get a better overview of patients and their history, hands-on work and administration decreases.

The booking system can also provide valuable insights and analysis on popular products/services and times, making it easier for you to plan and schedule resources. With automated reminders and follow-up messages sent directly from the system, you make it easier for both patients and the clinic.

A free booking system that is easy to get started with

Does it exist? Absolutely! MERIDIQ offers a user-friendly booking system that is completely free to get started with. The system can be integrated with patient record systems and cash register solutions. The booking system is suitable for many different types of businesses, including aesthetic clinics, therapists & practitioners, beauty salons, wellness & spas, or hairdressers.

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