What is an online booking system?

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An online booking system is a software that allows your clinic or salon to handle bookings and reservations of treatments from clients online. With a booking system your clients can find and book an available appointment with your clinic 24/7, without any manual effort from you or your colleagues. The booking system automates bookings from clients online and is an ideal solution for both aesthetic clinics and beauty therapists.

What is the purpose of booking system?

An online booking system helps aesthetic clinics and salons improve how they work and administrate appointments and booked treatments. The purpose of a booking system is to make life easier for therapists and staff handling bookings, and for clients to easily reserve available appointments online whenever they want.

Benefits of using an online booking system:

  • Free up time for you and your customers
  • Avoid double bookings
  • Plan and book available times at your leisure
  • Gather all information about a booking in one place
  • Get an overview of when a specific client visited the clinic and who they met with
  • Facilitates contact with clients for booking information or changes
  • Nurture customer relationships through automated e-mails with information and reminders before the booked appointment, or follow-up afterwards
  • Reserve equipment and prepare for treatments
  • Provide valuable business insights – identify popular services and times
  • Increase the clinic’s online presence and improve the customer experience

What should a booking system have?

A booking system can have different features depending on what type of business the system serves. Using a booking system as a business is common in many different industries, and functionality depend on the need of the business.  Features that are useful in for example the tourism industry, for a hotel and or an airline, can be very different to the needs of another type of industry and business. We focus specifically on the beauty industry in this article.

An online booking system that’s made to fit the needs of a clinic or beauty salon should have the following features:

  • View booking history
  • Schedule staff and customize appointment slots
  • Choose the length of appointments offered
  • Create your own templates
  • Get an overview of bookings in different time intervals
  • Link booking systems with cash registers and patient records

The importance of an online booking system

An online booking system is available via website and applications that a clinic and its customers can easily access via the internet. Working online and being able to use different platforms such as computer, mobile and tablet is an important part of the modern clinic. When choosing a booking system, it is important to make sure you choose a user-friendly solution that you, your staff and your clients can easily access.

How much does a booking system cost?

The cost of a booking system varies depending on the size of the business, what features are required, commitment periods, etc. In many cases, smaller clinics and businesses use booking systems with features that are not necessary, because there is no smaller alternative available. As mentioned, the needs of a business vary depending on industry and what the booking system is used for; booking tickets or aesthetic treatments may demand different features and costs.

Are there free booking systems?

MERIDIQ offers a user-friendly online booking system that is completely free to get started with. The system is suitable for all businesses, including aesthetic clinics, therapists & therapists, beauty salons, health & spa, or hairdressers.

Free online booking system with no commitment period

MERIDIQ’s online booking system is free and getting started is quick and easy, you don’t need to enter payment card details and there is no commitment period when you create a free account. With unlimited features and bookings with no time limit, you can easily try out MERIDIQ’s booking system right away.

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