What is the best booking system for clinics?

sköterska framför dator och headset med ett bokningssystem

A good booking system streamlines the booking of treatments and simplifies administration for beauty salons, hairdressers and clinics. It also increases customer satisfaction as customers can choose a time that suits them and make the booking without having to call or email.

However, there are many different systems to choose from and it can be difficult to know which solution is best for your specific clinic or beauty salon. Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider when choosing a booking system.

What you should consider in brief:

  • Ease of use; both employees and customers should be able to understand the booking system without training.
  • Functionality and flexibility; the booking system must be adapted to your specific needs.
  • Cost: what is your clinic’s budget? Be careful about hidden fees and installation costs.
  • Evaluate different systems; test before signing up for a fixed-term subscription

The best booking system is easy to use

Ease of use is at the top of the list when making your choice of booking system. You don’t want to waste time training staff or customers on how to use the system, it should be intuitive and easy to use from the start. Choose a system that gives you a clear overview of your planned treatments. The online booking system should help you plan your clinic’s staff resources and equipment. Other features such as the system sending automatic reminders are also important.

A flexible booking system facilitates the booking process

A good online booking system should offer features that fits your specific needs. For example, if you run an injection clinic, you may want to include different options so that your customer can choose the type of treatment or products they are interested in during the booking process. It’s also important to make sure your chosen system is flexible and has options for different lengths of the appointment depending on the treatment.

Another thing to consider is cancellations and what time frame you give your customers to cancel. If your clinic or practice keeps patient journals, having your booking system integrated with your patient record system is beneficial in order to easily collect the information you need and manage it in a safe and structured way.

Complex systems can be expensive

The cost of a booking system can vary greatly depending on its level of complexity and the type of features it has. There are many different systems and solutions developed for the needs of different types of businesses and organizations.

In the tourism industry there are systems created for booking of flights and tickets, in the medical fields there are customized solutions tailor-made for big hospitals. For small companies these types of booking systems are not necessary and for a very small organization maybe only an Excel spreadsheet is needed. It all depends on your business! 

Be sure to compare different systems before deciding which one is right for your business. It’s not necessary to sign up for complex booking system that has functionalities your clinic or salon doesn’t need. Make sure to find a solution that has what you need within your budget.

Choose the best online booking system for your practice

When looking for a booking system for your clinic or salon, there are several factors to consider.

  • Ease of use should always be the top priority; look for a user-friendly interface with intuitive features.
  • Make sure the system offers all the features you need while being flexible enough.
  • Compare different systems based on cost to find one that fits within your budget while offering all the necessary features your injection clinic needs. We recommend that you test the system you choose to use before committing to a fixed-term subscription or paying for installations.

MERIDIQ booking system is specifically made for beauty salons and aesthetic clinics. It’s developed to serve small business that need an easy to use, safe and professional solution. MERIDIQ is free for 1 user up to 20 patients, making it easy to evaluate if it’s the right system for your practice. Create a free account today!

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