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When should a business use a record app? Record systems come in various forms, including apps. With an online record system, you can access patient records on any device, anytime, without installation. The record app helps businesses manage patient records and ensures the security of stored information.

Important aspects when choosing a system that best fits the business include security and user-friendliness, as well as being cost-effective and able to scale with the business.

In the past, it was common to keep records in paper form or in different files saved in different places. There were no standardizations on how records should be stored and managed. Today, laws ensure that personal data is handled and stored correctly.

Which Businesses Might Need a Record App?

Record systems are used by businesses of various sizes, with needs depending on the number of healthcare providers and patients. Smaller clinics and beauty salons need a record system that can grow with the business. Often, many features and users are not needed initially, but over time, needs may change as the company grows.

A good option is to start with a system that is cheap and easy to get started with but still securely stores patient records even at the basic level. As more users and patients are added, the business can scale up its usage if the record app offers multiple levels.

Features such as digital signing, registration, and online access are all beneficial for both large and small clinics and are some of the advantages of using a record app.

What Information Can Be Stored in the App?

When recording patient data, several things are essential to document from the beginning. Besides the agreement itself, it’s advantageous to save information about the patient’s motivation and thoughts. Other aspects to document include the business’s expert assessment and the recommendations given after the treatment.

By allowing the patient to fill in information themselves, the risk of factual errors decreases, benefiting both the business and the patient. Images can also be helpful to illustrate progress and show the difference before and after the procedure. Before-and-after images are very popular, and they can be easily created online using free tools.

Which Record App is Best for an Aesthetic Clinic?

Customer relationships are crucial in most B2C businesses, including aesthetics and beauty clinics. Building a trusting relationship with a patient takes time, time that is often spent on administration and record management.

With an online record app, the clinic can save time by:

  • Allowing the patient to fill in information through a form
  • Accessing records anywhere, anytime on all devices
  • Collecting and organizing information in one place
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations
  • Allowing multiple practitioners to work simultaneously in the same system

MERIDIQ offers a user-friendly record app with multiple levels, allowing smaller clinics to grow with their record system. The basic level is entirely free and is usually sufficient to get started immediately. Additional features are available as the clinic grows and needs increase.

MERIDIQ’s record app not only complies with patient data laws and GDPR but is also approved by Google Play and the App Store, indicating a high-quality user experience.

Register your clinic today to try out the MERIDIQ record app.

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