Why should I use a digital patient Record System?

woman sitting behind a digital patient record system

In the health and aesthetic industry, physical patient records are still very common. Many attempt to digitize but don’t succeed well. The question “Why is ‘digitization’ so difficult for record management?” is something we need to ask ourselves.

One reason could be that suppliers hinder this development because many suppliers provide paper records to their customers. This prevents the initiation of a digital journey as there is continuous pressure to use the supplier’s materials.

Others might feel a barrier as it requires technical competence to handle a digital patient record system and hesitate to implement it, arguing, “Writing on paper has worked for me until now.”

A patient record system with the user in mind

Using Word or similar word processing programs for record keeping is common. In this case, the journey has started by digitizing from analogue to digital, but it has not been fully digitalized by implementing a record management process and thereby changing and improving internal and customer communication processes.

In our opinion, the problem with implementing record systems for many businesses has been directly related to the fact that these systems have not been developed based on customer needs and preferences (outside-in thinking) but have been IT-driven processes (inside-out thinking). The most important aspect of a system is its users; they are the ones who should build and provide input on how a digital patient record system should be designed. Technology should only be an enabler, not a driving factor.

At MERIDIQ, this has been the guiding principle in everything we do: to focus on the user with the latest technology and tailor it to their needs.

Increased patient safety with digital patient record systems

Many ask, “Why should I have a system?” Instead, as a practitioner, you should ask, “What will I lose by not having a digital patient record system?”

  • It creates a professional impression for your patients.
  • You no longer need to stack up physical patient record folders.
  • Everything is stored in the cloud.
  • You can access it on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • I can access my patients’ records from anywhere in the world.
  • There is the possibility to integrate solutions with booking systems and POS systems.
  • Historical patient data can be retrieved instantly.
  • You won’t risk losing patient data.
  • You become more efficient in your work.
  • Sharing information becomes easier.

More and more businesses in the health and aesthetic industry are transitioning to digital patient record systems because it increases patient safety, enhances efficiency, and offers many more advantages that those who have switched to digital record management can testify to.

So our question to you is: “Can you afford not to start using a digital patient record system when your competitors are? The cost is small compared to the benefits it brings.”

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