How to create before and after pictures

före och efterbild medelålders kvinna ansikte

What are before and after pictures

Before and after pictures are commonly used to demonstrate a change, from what something originally looked like to what it looks like today. The process of how you got there is not in focus here but rather the result.

Usually, the first image demonstrates an area or thing where there is room for improvement of some sort. The second image demonstrates the finished product after a change has been made.

By using before and after pictures, the difference between the two is often quite clear, as the development along the way isn’t in focus. Pictures like these can often be very inspiring and motivating.

However, one should keep in mind that you cannot always tell how long it took or which stages of the process were involved in getting to the result.

Highlight changes with pictures demonstrating results

There are many areas within which you can highlight change by showing before and after pictures. Many use this as a way of demonstrating progress whilst renovating or decorating, where there is often quite a big difference between what something originally looked like.

Another area where it is common to see before and after pictures is when it comes to changes to someone’s personal appearance, where for example many hairdressers benefit from showing these types of images. Any type of change where there’s a visual change involved, could benefit from this way of working with images.

Before and after pictures within the aesthetic industry

It’s also common to see before and after pictures within the training, health and beauty sector and is a method used by both private individuals as well as businesses.

An important aspect when creating before and after pictures is to demonstrate actual results and manage expectations. By managing expectations, you’ll end up with more satisfied customers and an increase in trust for the performing clinic.

Before a beauty treatment is started, the first picture of a patient is taken. This will help the patient to appreciate the result after the treatment is done. Some treatments can take quite a long time and the patient might get used to the gradual change that occurs over time, which will erase the mental image of what something looked like at the beginning.

At the end of the treatment the patient will get to see the two images and will thereby be helped in appreciating the result. It’s also a help for the patient when explaining the process and change to family and friends.

How to create before and after pictures

To get the best effect, it’s usually best to compare two pictures that have the same or similar lighting, to highlight the targeted change in the picture.

An outdoor area in daylight could be compared to the same area in moonlight if the lighting is the change in focus.

Comparing a picture of a room from one angle with another image from the same room but in a different angle isn’t preferable as it might be hard to tell if it’s even the same room in both pictures.

Another aspect when creating before and after pictures are proportions. Looking at a portrait for example, you want the size of the head to be the same in the two pictures, the eyes leveled and that an equal amount of neck and shoulders to be shown. This makes it easier for the eyes to compare and spot what separates the two pictures.

Advertising with before and after pictures – what’s allowed?

With permission from the person in the picture, before and after pictures can be used in social media in organic posts or on your website.

Free tools for creating before and after pictures

There are free tools available that take the most important aspects into account when creating before and after pictures. You simply upload the two pictures you wish to compare and adjust the proportions.

Some tools also have a bar which allows you to slide back and forth, showing the results.

One example of this kind of free MERIDIQ’s before and after tool!