Registration Portal | MERIDIQ smooth registration process for the clients

Registration Portal – A smooth way to welcome your clients

Registration portal for MERIDIQ patient record system

How does your clients and patients register at your clinic today?

MERIDIQ can help to save time and make a professional first impression for your clients. The registration portal is a function which lets your clients register themselves. This either when entering the clinic, or at home before arriving for their treatment.

This will save time, minimize spelling mistakes and make a smooth experience for your customers. Say goodbye to paper forms, and excel sheets.

Here is how the registration portal works

In the system you will find the “registration portal”, which is on the menu bar to the left or at the home screen in the app. This will take you to your company unique URL where you or your clients can sign in and enter all personal details.

The registration portal URL can be sent to your clients by E-mail. You can also use the URL in WhatsApp, Messenger or any other digital channel you communicate with your clients in. Just copy and paste the URL from the registration portal and send to your clients and they can fill out their information in their own time wherever they are.

URL example registration portal

Another example of how to use this portal is at your clinic. When the patients arrive you can provide an iPad or tablet, with the registration portal open.

While waiting for their procedure, new clients can fill out the information, health questionnaire and aesthetic interest. All information which is then saved in your record system. The health professional can immediately review the client details on their own device. Now the client record s ready to be used for procedure details.

Whats next

Our plan for the future is that you will be able to add your company logo and design. This will make your clients experience even more personal. Sign up for our newsletter, and we will inform you about any new features!