Are there legal requirements to run an aesthetic clinic in the UK?

pile of doucments and paper with a stethoscope

After basically being completely unregulated, we believe the UK is not very far away from what is expected to be the most extensive regulatory change within the aesthetic industry. Currently, there are few or any requirements for the level of training or qualification in order to be authorized to run a beauty clinic or a medical SPA, but this is about to change.

What diplomas and certifications are needed?

One of the changes to be expected is related to who can practice aesthetics in the UK. The new requirements can demand a Level 6-7 Diploma qualification from an accredited training provider for all practitioners of injections. This is equivalent of a master’s degree. Until now, this qualification has only been a recommended education standard but not legally required as we understand.

Why new regulations are approaching fast

In 2019 The All Party Political Group (APPG) started a review on non-surgical aesthetics in the UK. The report was released in July 2021 and entailed a review on the current state of the industry and several recommendations on how patient safety could be improved.

Un-qualified practitioners with no knowledge on how to prevent or handle complications related to injection treatments is one of the reasons for the increasing complication rates, which drives the need for a more regulated business with well-educated and experienced practitioners. The report also includes other recommendations on how to regulate the industry, such as social media advertising.

Other requirements for starting an aesthetics business

If you are planning to start a clinic or practice which will perform injections or fillers, it is advisable to partner up with someone who can do prescriptions on your behalf like a doctor, prescribing nurse, dentist, or prescribing pharmacist as some of these substances are considered a prescription-only drug.

In addition, you will of course need to register your business and make sure to get an insurance.


Although the legal requirements are still fairly light to date, you should consider when starting a new aesthetic clinic to future-proof your business with educated practitioners, and make sure you’ll be allowed to prescribe the products you are using. These changes might come fast, and most practices need these qualifications for sales purpose anyway, so it can already be considered today as “must have”.

At MERIDIQ we keep up with the new trends and regulations. We are prepared with our system to help follow medical practices with secure patient record keeping.