Best tools and apps for small aesthetic clinics

aesthetic clinic app doctor with hands over honeycomb pattern cosmetology

Among the millions of apps and software there are, some make life at work easier. Too many will waste your time, and it can be difficult to identify the essentials.

If you are starting a small aesthetic clinic or even an individual practice, we have selected for you just a few good essential tools that will impact your productivity and ease your day at work.

1. Answering service for aesthetic business

Aesthetic response logo

Aesthetic response:

If you’re starting your business, you probably can’t afford an operator or an assistant to answer the phone while you’re treating patients or when you’re away from your practice. The common solutions are the answering machine and calling back, or setting a time of the day for customers to call. But we all know these solutions are not ideal and you are missing out opportunities when you are not able to answer in person at any time.

Aesthetic response is an answering service specialized in Aesthetic businesses and adapted to their needs. You can decide between leaving them entirely with the responsibility of your phone, or just get some support to cover specific times. Working with a specialized services allows you to make sure your specificity and your services are well understood and promoted by the operators.

2. A complete and online patient record management system

MERIDIQ Patient record system:

If you own a small clinic or practice, you are probably struggling to keep your operation costs under control. All the charges and bills are adding up very quick and you need to be cautious with not overgrowing these recurring costs.

MERIDIQ is a flexible solution for patient management, completely free for 1 account with up to 20 patients, then with a very progressive pricing plan to grow smoothly (€14/month for 500 patients).

In addition to keeping your patient record safe and always accessible from any device, your can plan your treatments there with custom templates, add pictures, comments, store your patients approval with digital signatures and more.

MERIDIQ has been built for small and medium-sized aesthetic businesses, and cover all your basic need at a minimal price for every stage of your development.

3. Stay tuned on the medical news

Medscape logo


Any good practitioner trains all life long and keeps updated on all the latest methods and products in his field, and aesthetic practitioners are no exception.

The 2 biggest websites and apps doing this job are Skyscape and Medscape. You basically just need to pick one as both are quite comprehensive and practical, set some alerts on your topics of interest and keep up to date.

We recommend to install their app and personalize your feed, but checking this once a week is a no brainer and characterizes committed practitioners.

Latest drugs and products available, new procedures, academy, videos, new regulations, this will cover basically everything you need to maintain your knowledge and keep improving.

4. Understand your audience needs

Answer the public:

A marketer’s advice: every business owner should spend some time every month communicating with their audience and answering their most common questions, though social media, blogging, newsletter, etc.

This website is fairly simple to use: type a keyword (for example “botox”), and find out about all the questions frequently asked on search engines about it, sorted by popularity and organized by topic:

  • Who can administer fillers?
  • Can fillers cause headaches?
  • Are fillers top up free?
  • What treatments are best?
  • Can treatments go wrong?
  • How does filler injections work?
  • Etc.

If you struggle to keep your social media active, to find what to talk about on your blog or simply if you want to put an FAQ up on your website, this free tool will become your best friend in no time.

5. Listen to your patients

zonka feedback logo

Zonka Feedback:

For many types of businesses, it is important to collect your client’s feedback to identify the flaws in your processes, but it is absolutely essential in activities like aesthetic clinics, where your reputation (especially digital with all the review systems) will shape your perspectives for growth

You can proceed with emails or simple forms like Google forms for free, but if you are looking for inspiration and templates with some feedback management tools, you should turn towards Zonka Feedback.

This extensive solution allow to build workflows, automation, alerts, triggers and more, and comes with performant reporting tool to scale your survey game, starting at $24/month for single accounts.