The only aesthetic app you need as a small clinic

Nurse clinic with an aesthetic app on an ipad

Manage your aesthetic clinic from any device at any time

If you are an aesthetic practitioner, new laws will apply soon in the UK and everywhere in Europe around the patients record keeping. Using a GDRP and law compliant app and system for your patients will become mandatory even for the small clinics or individual practices.

Read more about the Patient Data Act for beauty care here

However, keeping your overhead costs as low as possible is key to make margins in the aesthetic and skin care business, especially for the smaller businesses or the independent practitioners.

How to choose the right aesthetic app for your business?

  • Make sure your aesthetic app for clinic management is compliant with both the current and near future patient data regulation
  • Think long term: what if you open new offices in a couple of years? Make sure you do not rely on local systems or servers that will make your growth overly complex as you expand geographically
  • Don’t pay for large organization management systems if you own a small or medium-sized clinic. MERIDIQ tool starts for free with full access to all the features, and scale with your business based on the number of users and patients. Check the pricing here.
  • Prefer easy to use tools that won’t require additional training and imply a long learning curve for your team. It will allow you to cut costs and stay agile in rapidly growing environments
  • Make sure you can access your patient record system from anywhere, at any time. MERIDIQ aesthetic app is available on both web browsers and as an app (Android or iOS), allowing you and your collaborators to use it from any device without constraints
  • Take no chance with your patient data safety. No one stores critical data on local drives any longer, it is way too hazardous for your business. However, not every could solution is suitable to store client’s personal data, make sure to use a specific solution offering all the legal guarantees. This is why MERIDIQ is the aesthetic app of choice for aesthetic clinics and practices.

What benefits should you expect from your aesthetic app?

Using a patient record system has become mandatory for any aesthetic business, even the smallest, but this should make your life easier instead of being just a constraint and overhead costs. If you consider getting an aesthetic app to manage your practice or clinic, this is what you should expect:

  • Save time. MERIDIQ offers client forms with client signature system allowing your new clients to register directly online through the app, so you don’t have to spend time on creating their profile and making sure your got the right information
  • Keep everything in one place. Finding your patient history, as well as the corresponding pictures, contracts, client agreements and documents is key to a well-managed clinic. Find the all-in-one aesthetic app that suits your business best, and keep your tools under control.
  • Gain peace of mind. Law suits are a risk in any business, but maybe even more in the medical and aesthetic industry. The first step to your peace of mind is a perfectly managed patient record and contract system, keeping track of all your patient relation management.
  • Go green. Avoid multiple printing, mail sending and other physical interactions and hassle, when everything can be so easily digitalized.