What is allowed on social media for aesthetic treatments

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Advertising through various social media can be very valuable for your business, but there are strict rules and guidelines to adhere to, rightfully so. Marketing of products and services must be designed in such a way that it obvious that it is advertisement. Hidden marketing means that it is possible to misunderstand that it is advertising, which is not allowed.

When it comes to beauty care and health in particular, there are several aspects to take into account when planning for advertising. Below, we have collected a couple of important points to review when designing texts, images and messages when it comes to Facebook, but which also extend across other social media in general.

Prescription drugs are not ok for advertising

Illegal, prescription or recreational drugs/medicines are not allowed in advertisements for sale or information about use.

What does the Medicines Act say about the marketing of prescription drugs?

Enticing the purchase of prescription drugs is not permitted on social media, regardless of how the advertisement is designed. Discounts and offers of prescription drugs are also not allowed on a website. Informing about treatment and publishing prices on a website where you do not specify discounts or similar is okay because it is considered as the reader has looked up the information herself, however, you may not advertise the drug name itself.

Can I post before and after pictures?

Yes, if you have consent from the people in question and you are allowed to use the image, you can use the before and after image on social media or on the website.

You can use MERIDIQ’s own free tool for this here!

It is important to know, however, that before and after pictures may not be used in advertisements, as it can give the impression that a certain result can be achieved. You may not promote health-related products, diets or weight loss by promoting content that promotes negative self-concepts. The goal should be to empower individuals and talk about your offer in an inclusive way, without making anyone feel bad.

False marketing or marketing that somehow promotes miracles rarely succeeds in the long run. Maybe it leads to a purchase, but not more. Invest in creating long-term relationships instead that are based on knowledge and trust. You will benefit from it in the long run.

Do not point out personal attributes

Keep your ads free of identifying attributes about a person or group in society, whether it’s race, age, gender identity, origin, religion or belief, disability, criminal background, medical background, or financial situation, to name a few areas.

Target audience customization for beauty products and services

You want to make sure that your ads reach the right person and not promote pressure for a group that doesn’t have or can access what you offer. If the product/service you offer is only available to an age group over, for example, 18, make sure to exclude minors from your ads.

You are not allowed to promote products or activities that are illegal. Audiences for minors should not be used to promote products, services or content that is inappropriate, illegal, unsafe, exploitative, misleading or puts pressure on the age group in question.

Make sure you don’t come across as assuming anything about the target audience. Highlight the benefits of your product/service and how it differs from similar products/services. You may not write, for example, “Are you tired of your acne?” because then it seems that you assume that your target audience suffers from acne. You can’t possibly know who is reading the ad so try to avoid solutions.

What do you do if the ad is rejected?

  1. Find out why the ad was rejected. You will find the information under Account quality. Tip! Activate notifications so you don’t miss if this happened! You can find information under the Business info section in the payment settings in Ads Manager.
  2. Create a new ad that complies with the rules, or request a reevaluation of your ad if you suspect that the ad was rejected by mistake. You can only send your ad back for reevaluation once before you need to create a new one.