What should I think about when getting injectable fillers?

Kvinna framför spegel som undersöker själv sig i ansiktet

It’s important that treatments with injectable fillers are performed correctly. Incorrect treatments can pose serious health risks. We have compiled a list of things that are important to consider before and during an injection treatment. Everything you need to be prepared!

You often get an injection treatment of fillers in your face. If you get fillers, the therapist fills a small area below the skin’s surface with an injection agent. The purpose is to somehow change your appearance. Therefore, it’s important that the treatment is carried out in a correct way.

Today, there are requirements of proper education, and you should have a license to perform aesthetic treatments. This is important to know before an injection treatment. Check carefully that you are being treated by an approved therapist and clinic. Read more here regarding the certification requirements in the UK.

Things you should consider before an injection treatment

Choose a responsible, safe, licensed, and secure clinic – do the proper research. Research how satisfied previous customers are, look at before and after pictures and read reviews. Then request a consultation. 

Request a consultation

Request a proper consultation with the person who will perform your injection treatment. Then you can ask all the questions you might have, and you get a feel for how hygienic and experienced both the clinic and the therapist are. During a consultation, you and the therapist should go over what wishes you have and how that can be achieved.

Request an ID/certification

It’s important that the therapist has both the proper education, experience, and license. All so that you don’t get sick from incorrect injections. Something that’s important to check before an injection treatment is to ask if the therapist has any identification or certification of education. A therapist should be a registered nurse, dentist or doctor who has the right training to perform the treatment.

Competence and hygiene are two important factors that you must not neglect when it comes to injection treatments. The best thing is to visit a clinic that has registered nurses with experience and education in the field.

Important rules that the clinic must follow

Check that the clinic complies with existing laws and regulations. A clinic should, among other things, give you at least a two-day cooling-off period before getting the treatment, to give time for reflection. This means that you should not go to a serious therapist and get fillers the same day as the first visit. The reflection period is important to avoid impulsive decisions.

The clinic is never allowed to carry out any treatments before you have given your consent. Remember that you can change your mind at any time. Consent can be given both verbally and in writing. The clinic should also be delicate about treating anyone under the age of 18.

Ask which products are used

Do not hesitate to ask which products are used in the treatment. It’s important to bear in mind before an injection treatment that the products must be approved. Ask about the brands used and read the clinical studies on the products if you are unsure.

You should choose a clinic that uses hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Unlike permanent fillers, a bad result with these can be corrected. If you choose fillers that are not permanent, it is also possible to remove them if complications arise. Keep in mind that high-quality products cost accordingly.

Investigate all health risks

It’s important to examine all the risks before the injection treatment is carried out. It’s important that you are aware of all the health risks that an injection can entail, especially if it’s performed at a clinic and by a therapist who doesn’t have the proper education or experience.

Carefully investigate which complications may arise and what help you will receive from the clinic if they occur.

Things that are important to consider during an injection treatment

When the time has come for your injection treatment, it’s important that you are ready. Here are five things that are good to know at the time of the treatment.

Prepare for the treatment session

One thing that’s important to keep in mind before an injection treatment is not to take any medications that can increase the risk of bleeding before the treatment. This includes, among other things, magnecyl, ibuprofen and voltaren. Please consult your therapist if you are unsure.

You should not drink alcohol before the treatment. The treatment should also not be performed on skin that is not whole and healthy. If you have had a rash for instance, you should wait with the injection.

Remember to come to the clinic without make-up as your skin must be clean when injected with fillers.

The products must be sealed

At the time of treatment, it’s important that the products are sealed before they are used. Then you know they are fresh, clean, and hygienic. Ask the therapist to show you when the seal is broken so that you know that the treatment is being done correctly.

Different areas of the face require different types of fillers. It’s important that the right product is used to ensure that the right results are achieved. A knowledgeable and competent therapist knows which type of fillers should be used in which part part of the face.

Anesthetics should be available

Fillers do not usually hurt, and the treatment can be performed quickly. If you are sensitive to pain or very nervous, it’s important that you feel safe at the clinic.

There should therefore be anesthetics available before the injections begins. Most often, the anesthetic consists of a numbing cream.

How is your personal data handled?

Doing an injection treatment, it’s important that all your personal data is handled correctly. Therefore, be sure to ask how the clinic handles personal data. All personal data must be handled correctly and in accordance with the Patient Data Act and/or GDPR. Read more here regarding the UK regulations of patient data handling.

All your treatments must be recorded

It’s good to know that all your treatments must be recorded. They must be recorded correctly and in a secure patient record system. If something goes wrong or if a complication arises, it’s important that everything can be followed up in the medical record.

The clinic must use a secure patient record system whose data cannot be leaked. All clinics, no matter how big or small, must have a secure patient records system.


In order to feel safe, there are a few things that are important to think about before an injection treatment. You should carefully research the clinic and the therapist and ask for a consultation.

Ask for a price for the treatment and ask what results you can expect. In addition, you should also receive information about which products and substances are used.

Investigate what help you can get in case of complications and what risks there are with the injection, as well as how your treatment will be recorded and how personal data is handled.

Once all of this is investigated, you are ready to try an injection treatment.