Aesthetic Patient Record System

Aesthetic patient record system

Everything small clinics and practices need for secure patient administration

Whether you are an independant practitioner in skin care, managing a small aesthetic clinic or starting your business in the beauty industry, MERIDIQ offers a low cost and secure way to manage your patient records.

Document treatments with our powerful editor

  • Instant photo upload from phone to record
  • Upload your own images or use templates
  • Image editor with multiple tools
  • Before & After image function
  • Add text directly to the images
  • Color options for different areas

Comprehensive patient overview

  • View treatments, notes, and bookings
  • Send forms and consents to patients
  • Add notes and upload files
  • Sign documents directly in the system
  • Add health declarations and other forms
  • Manage prescriptions


Get started in less than 5 minutes

To start and create an account only requires a few company details and setting up a personal profile. Once inside the system, templates are already prepared to facilitate smooth record keeping!

Secure patient records

  • Data stored on a secure server

  • Accessible from anywhere

  • Available on any device

  • HIPAA & GDPR compliant

Simple administration

  • Procedure templates

  • Unlimited image storage

  • Custom procedures

  • Online signatures

Easy patient registration

  • Patient registration online

  • Health declarations & LoC

  • Customizable and own forms

  • Patient signatures online

MERIDIQ Benefits

Ensure compliance

MERIDIQ is GDPR & HIPAA compliant, ensuring the highest requirements for secure patient data administration.

Save time

Let your patients do the work. They just have to fill out a form once, from any terminal after which they will be recorded in your system, with no risk of error.

Secure your clinic data

Keeping your letters of consent, contracts and descriptions of procedures in different places or local hard drives could put your business at risk. MERIDIQ allows you to simply keep everything at hand, collecting digital signatures from your patients and to access your data from anywhere.

Getting started with your Patient Records

If you have chosen MERIDIQ Patient Records, it is time to fully integrate this new tool in your workflow. MERIDIQ is perfect for small clinics and individual practices, so you will minimize your costs but also the set-up time and efforts. Using a specialized tool for your industry, like aesthetic business, dentistry or kinesitherapy will also reduce the amount of work to adopt a new tool. 

Your new Patient Records set-up checklist

  • Access management: make sure you invite the right persons with the right level of access to keep your database safe
  • Data Migration: Import your current client database efficiently in your new app
  • Make sure you have a clean data entry process avoiding mistakes and keeping your system safe
  • Define your new workflow and protocols: what changes in your routines to import new clients in your system, manage your client records, your bookings, etc.
  • Build a library of frequently used items as templates, if your EHR allows it (like MERIDIQ)
  • Import your consent letter, contracts and other paperwork with clients
  • Integrate your Patient Records with your billing system, make sure both are aligned and updated
  • Train your staff: make sure everyone integrates these processes in their workflow to avoid dealing with mismatched databases.
  • Test your process: create a new fake client from A to Z and see if every steps integrates your workflow smoothly

Tips for a smooth transition to a new patient record

Weather you are starting your own business or transitioning from another app or patient record system, these few easy tricks can make your life easier and safer:

  • Make sure that 100% your bookings and procedures are in your patient record. Double-check your data import in your new app, and don’t keep using your old system or other records in parallel, as it could be source of errors.
  • Make sure that you only validate procedure bookings when they meet your requirements, in terms of patient consent, health records, preparation steps, etc. Simple routines associated with your patient record app use will take you a long way.
  • Let your new patients input their personal data into the app, as they feel more in control of what they share and it avoids mistakes. Interacting through a specialized app will also give them a sense of professionalism and safety about your clinic.

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