Patient Records

Everything small clinics and practices need for secure patient administration

Whether you are an independant practitioner in skin care, managing a small aesthetic clinic or starting your business in the beauty industry, MERIDIQ offers a cheap and secure way to manage your patient records.

Secure patient records

  • Data stored on a secure server

  • Accessible from anywhere

  • Available on any device

  • GDPR & Data law compliant

Simple administration

  • Procedure templates

  • Unlimited image storage

  • Custom procedures

  • Online signatures

Easy patient registration

  • Patient registration online

  • Health declarations & LoC

  • Customizable and own forms

  • Patient signatures online

Start using a patient record system for free

It’s totally free for 1 user, up to 20 patients, unlimited features and no time limit. With no commitment or credit card details, try out MERIDIQ and create your free account today!

MERIDIQ Benefits

Ensure compliance with new regulations

The time when you could handle your patient record on a spreadsheet stored on the old office computer is over. You need to take control over who can access to your patient records and guarantee the safety of the patient information.

Save time

Let your patients do the work. They just have to fill out a form once, from any terminal after which they will be recorded in your system, with no risk of error.

Secure your Clinic data

Keeping your letters of consent, contracts and descriptions of procedures in different places or local hard drives could put your business at risk. MERIDIQ allows you to simply keep everything at hand, collecting digital signatures from your patients and to access your data from anywhere.