Quick Guide

Watch our quick tutorials to get started with MERIDIQ!

How to start with recording patient treatments

To document and save a procedure for your patients/clients, you will have to create a treatment first. Once the treatment has been created, and a client profile/record is registered you can start creating procedures in the system.

Step 1 – add a new treatment:

  1. Log in to MERIDIQ 
  2. Click Templates on the home screen or in the side bar menu and then select TREATMENT (or TEXT)
  3. Click the circular button on the down right corner in the app or “new” in the web version
  4. Enter all relevant information and press the top right checkmark to save in the app or “submit” in the web version

Step 2 – create a patient:

  1. Click clients on the home screen or in the sidebar menu
  2. Click the circular button on the down right corner (on your app) or the “ADD CLIENT”
  3. Enter in all relevant information and save

Create patient view MERIDIQ

Please note that you can also use the registration portal to let a client/patient register their profile. You find the registration portal on the home screen or on the left menu. Read more about the registration portal on our documentation page

Step 4 – Patient overview:

Here you will find all the information about the patient. You can easily fill out the patient’s questionnaires add a Letter of Consent or upload patient images to the Media library.

Step 5 – log a procedure:

  1. Click clients on the home screen or in the sidebar menu
  2. Search or scroll to find the client you want to access and click on the name, you now will enter the client record screen
  3. Before creating a new procedure you might want to have the client sign a letter of consent, you can do this by clicking new letter. Here you can scroll and find the consent you wish to use (or upload your own) and have the client sign. To create your own letter of consent, please read our documentation here
  4. To continue creating a procedure, click on the icon New next to Procedures
  5. Choose the treatment you wish to perform, and note the price will automatically appear. If you wish to change the price for this specific procedure you can do this here
  6. Enter date, and notes on the procedure
  7. Click the arrow on the top right corner (on app only)

You have now entered the image editor in the app, where you can in detail document the patient with pictures or using a template. In the browser version, you will find the image editor on the right-hand side when clicking NEW procedure.

To add additional images to the procedure you can either use MEDIA LIBRARY or ADD MEDIA

MEDIA LIBRARY: Displays the patient MEDIA LIBRARY (images that you have uploaded from the patient dashboard) and you can here select what images to import to the record.

ADD MEDIA: This allows you to upload and save new images from your device to the MEDIA library. After you have done this, you need to import them to the record from the USE MEDIA option.

Congratulations! you have now made your first client treatment