How Secure is a Web-Based Online Record System?

woman in dark hair writing a patient record

How is information stored in an online record system?

It’s becoming increasingly common to use record systems that store data online. In the past, records were often stored physically in folders and archives, which had several disadvantages, especially in terms of security.

Earlier, there weren’t the same rules that exist today for secure record management, something that’s easier to adhere to with the help of advanced security technology.

A modern record system must comply with various guidelines, including GDPR, patient data laws, and patient safety laws.

How Can Information Be Ensured to Be Shared Only with Authorized Personnel?

It’s up to each clinic to ensure that the guidelines in place are followed, including the choice of a record system. The record system should be secure for both healthcare providers and patients since it’s fundamental that information in the records is not disclosed to unauthorized individuals.

With a secure online record system, healthcare providers can access records from any device, anywhere in the world. Access can be controlled through permissions settings in certain record systems, and MERIDIQ is one of them.

What Information Is Stored in an Online Record System?

In addition to basic personal information, the record should include history, motivation, decisions, and recommendations.

Each time a new record entry is made, it should be noted in the record when it was made and by whom. Visits to the record are also logged, allowing for later review of how many times the record was accessed or updated. Record entries must never be deleted or rendered unreadable. If any corrections are needed, they should be made alongside the incorrect information.

Several considerations should be kept in mind when writing record entries, such as excluding information about third parties unless essential, avoiding personal opinions, and always using complete words as abbreviations can lead to misunderstandings. It’s crucial that the information in the record is easily understandable to whoever reads it, which can be multiple individuals.

Regardless of whether the record is accessible online or not, it should be retained for at least ten years from the date of the last entry.

Is an Online Record System Safer Than Physical Records?

In previous record-keeping practices, it was common to store records in paper form, something that is increasingly rare today, not least due to the new laws and guidelines that have been introduced. There are several advantages to using an online record system:

  • The record cannot be lost or destroyed by accidents.
  • Access rights can be controlled.
  • Visits to the record are logged.
  • Text in the record becomes more readable.
  • Access to a record online can be done anywhere, at the right time.
  • Patients can fill in information themselves before the visit, reducing inaccuracies.
  • Record management becomes more efficient, saving administrative time for healthcare providers.

Which Record System Should One Choose?

There are many record systems to choose from, but not all are suitable for smaller clinics. There’s currently no requirement for a specific record system to be used, but the clinic must ensure that the chosen system complies with the regulations regarding the handling of patient data.

The most important factor when choosing a record system is to ensure that the system is safe to use so that personal data and other sensitive information are not distributed incorrectly. Additional features can include patients filling in information themselves, document signing by healthcare providers and patients, image management, permission control, compatibility with various devices and screen sizes, and more.

MERIDIQ offers a user-friendly online record system, where the basic level is completely free and is perfect for smaller clinics. MERIDIQ not only complies with patient data laws and GDPR but is also approved by Google Play and the App Store, indicating a high-quality user experience.

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