6 tips on how to manage costs as a small clinic

Graphic clipart two women in a small clinic

As a small practitioner you might need to be careful with your outgoings and manage costs where possible. Apart from the obvious parameters where you go over your outgoings and review if there is anything you don’t need or can cut down on, take it one step further. Which are the hidden costs you might not be aware of?

These areas are examples of areas where there could be cost savings to be made:

  • Time
  • Efficiency
  • Organization

So how can we save time, increase efficiency, and organize work better?

Online registration and appointment booking

Allow your patients to register and book appointments online, leaving your employees to focus their work increasing efficiency. Registrations to the clinic can be done from the privacy from your patients home, allowing them to find out the necessary information in their own time while you and your employees focus on the patient in front of you.

Let patients book times online and let a booking system take care of finding available slots, send reminder e-mails etc.

Simple overview for all employees

Manage your patient records properly to make it easy for all employees to handle and care for all patients as needed, reducing time for hand overs between care givers.

Patients aren’t necessarily connected to just one caregiver, if you have a system allowing your employees to access history, plans, treatment decisions and more.

Long-term relationships

Build on and secure long-term relationships with your patients, making sure they feel well looked after. By collecting all information in one place, both you and your patient can feel secure in your plan and decisions made.

Pay only for what you need

Use a patient record system where you only pay for what you need – smaller clinics usually don’t need the same features or capacity as larger institutions. Scale up when you need to, not in advance.

Update your patient record system where and when you want

By choosing a system which you can access when you want, where you want can you ensure your patient records gets updated in time – avoiding having to do the same job twice.

Updating patient records right after meetings or phone calls allows you to save time when the information is fresh in your mind. A system which you can access anywhere, anytime and from any device makes it possible to update your system straight away.

Easy overview and short preparation time

Make sure you keep all information about your patients in a structured and organized manner, reducing time by making it easy to get an overview preparing for a meeting with a patient. Preparation time can be reduced when your information is structured, clear and easily accessible.

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