How to cut costs in your small aesthetic practice

nurse hand putting coin in pink saving pig on desktop

Cutting operation costs is a great way to improve the bottom line without bringing in more revenue. But what can you do to trim the fat?

From using technology to going paperless, there are ways to cut your overhead without feeling the pinch. Here’s our list of ideas to cut costs.

1. Use cloud-based services (Google for instance)

Many cloud-based services are free, with a possibility to upgrade only if you need it. You can use cloud-based solutions like the Google suite, that won’t cost you a dime. Create free company email-addresses with Gmail (you can even use your company domain), and with Google docs and Google Drive you can create and store documents in the cloud – accessible from everywhere and easy to collaborate around.

2. Use cheap solutions for your website with limited maintenance costs (easy to use CMS)

One of the leading content management systems (CMS) today is WordPress, which is an open-source CMS which means its free to use and alter. It offers thousands of pre-created themes and styles that you can easily use to create a custom website. You can also install a drag-and-drop-tool to customize the look of your website. WordPress offers an e-commerce plugin that is very easy to manage and allows automatic upgrades to the system.

3. Swap for a affordable patient record system adapted to your needs

Choose a patient record system that does what you need, without a bunch of extra features that are costing you money. Maybe you need to keep personal information about your patients, a health questionnaire and general information that your practice needs to preform your services – and that’s it. MERIDIQ offers just this. It is a free aesthetic patient record system that is very easy to use, secure and in line with all current regulations for the industry.

4. Digitizing paperwork

Still printing papers, journals etc? Why not save a lot of time and effort by digitizing all your paperwork? With a journaling system online, sending information right to the clients, and online storage for all your files, you’ll save both time, money and the environment.

5. Externalize phone operator

Instead of having someone answering the same questions over the phone several times a day, you can save time by installing an automatic phone operator. Answering all calls and informing clients about opening times, services, and offers. You spend your time with callers that actually needs your help.

6. Online booking system

Open up your calendar so that clients can book you on their own. This frees time spent booking returning clients or even new ones that already know what they need. An online booking system is also available any time and any place. You can send out a link for time suggestions and the clients are free to book what’s convenient for them, without the back-and-forth communication that takes time.


All these ideas can make your business more profitable, and they are easy to get started with right away. Start with swapping your patient record system to MERIDIQ for free, and easily adapt it to your needs.