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Benefits with a patient record system

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Discover How you can easily manage patient records using an aesthetic record app and system

Isn’t it time you came to know how technology can help you effectively manage records of your clients with an aesthetic record app?

It’s no secret that as your beauty salon and clinic business grows, keeping client data offline or even in books can no longer keep up with the modern trends and requirements.

Let’s have a look at some of the basic record keeping solutions for your clinic…

You can shift towards using spreadsheets and databases for electronic storage of your client’s personal information and records. They come with a benefit of ease of finding records, making changes, or even carrying the records around using a small hard drive.

But you probably already know that they are not a full-fledge solution to your growing number of clients. There is a limit to how much you can play around with the stored information such as deleting, changing, or searching for information. Moreover, they don’t allow for simple record-keeping of patient treatments, before and after images, or multi-device support.

What defines a simple client record solution?

An aesthetic record app or online record system is a tool that lets you efficiently use and store your client’s information, keep administrative paperwork on each patient and share this securely between the staff. That is just what it is, and really not much more.

An aesthetic app or record keeping system provides you with a simple yet powerful solution for keeping records of clients’ treatments, before and after images, patient data, preferred specialists, and more. An aesthetic app enables clinics to keep a record of all of their clients’ data on a cloud-based storage system securely. So, as a beauty salon, you can easily retrieve data or make any changes in it from any device with ease.

A client record solutions is not a:

  • Booking System – integrating booking systems into the app makes the system both vulnerable and complicated. A record systems should be simple and affordable, which bookings system integrations rarely are.
  • Payment System – connecting payment gateways and other complexity to an app or a solution means costly integrations and tailor-made solutions.

Payments and bookings are done very easy and affordable through standardized online solutions today. Wether you have your own system or using a shared booking system, they do not need to be connected to your clients records.

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How an aesthetic record app lets you better manage your clients

An aesthetic app can help you manage your beauty salon or clinic’s clients much more effectively and secures all data in one place just a few clicks away…

Let’s have a look at how an aesthetic app comes in handy for client management:

  • Client Database – so you can add or look up a client information card with just a few clicks.
  • Additional Client Details – for a beauty salon, it is essential to store detailed client information such as date of birth, contact details, history of visits, skin problems, hair problems, formula details, and preferred specialists. An aesthetic app lets you do that with the help of detailed client cards with ease.
  • Treatments Details – so you can store all treatments for each client including images, which is the main function with the patient record keeping.
  • Safe Record Keeping – your clients no longer have to ask for the employee who usually receives them and know their history. An aesthetic app equips all your employees with the detailed client data, history, and preferrations to provide tailored services to every client.
  • GDPR Approved – an aesthetic app or record keeping system is GDPR giving your clients a peace of mind that their data will neither be collected without their consent nor misused.
  • eSignature – makes it super-easy for your clients to sign the letter of consent online using their iPad or a phone. This signature then becomes part of the online client record automatically.
  • Online Client Registration – nobody likes waiting or filling out forms upon arrival to a clinic. A record keeping system empowers your clients to fill out their details via online registration form before even visiting your clinic making the entire experience hassle-free.

Do you begin to notice how an aesthetic record app or system can help you save time and money but keeping all administration in one place, the cloud? Not convinced, read more about the features for the MERDIQ app here.

You have the power to analyze your client’s data more effectively than ever and provide tailored services and deals to each group of clients. You can increase the quality of your services to your clients by getting hands-on access to their treatment preferences and history. With an aesthetic record app, you can achieve better results and increase the productivity of your beauty salon and clinic.

Other tremendous benefits of an aesthetic record system

An aesthetic app or record-keeping system doesn’t only help you manage clients more effectively but also comes with other benefits such as:

  • Super Easy to Use – The aesthetic app integrates complex processes but is super easy to use. The interface is very user-friendly and allows the users to store and recall data with just a few clicks. You do not have to have staff with a flair for IT, and everyone can focus on the treatments instead of data entry.
  • Multi-Device Support – beauty salon aesthetic app comes with multi-device support. Whether it be your laptop, your cellphone, or a tablet, you can access an aesthetic app with ease anytime you want.
  • Contribute towards Greener Future – by limiting the use of paper-based client cards, beauty salons can contribute towards a paper-free greener future by implementing aesthetic apps for their businesses.
  • Cloud-Based Secure Storage – all your client data is stored on AWS encrypted servers that are cloud-based with the highest level of security. And what’s even better is that this information is retrievable by you with just a few clicks on any device.

In essence, an aesthetic app doesn’t only come as a viable solution to manage your beauty salon client records, but also helps you retain your customers for longer and grow your business with the quick access. So, if you’re looking to reduce administration, save time for your employees, assure safe keeping of your patients profiles and provide tailored services to your clients then it is time to choose an aesthetic/record application and system for your clinic today.

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