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Online Booking System

A booking system helps your clinic manage bookings more easily, whether you are staffed at the time of booking or not. By enabling patients to book online, bookings can be made around the clock, from anywhere. Less time is spent managing bookings and more time available for patients.

Scheduling and planning can be done calmly, different resources, materials, and machines can be planned for and booked in advance. Different treatments and consultations take different amounts of time, something that can be adapted for in the booking system.

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In addition to allowing patients to make their own bookings, the booking system also offers the possibility to:

  • Collect all information about past and planned bookings in one place
  • Analyze booking data and show, for example, popular times and treatments, which helps the clinic with resource planning
  • Create your own templates
  • Integrate the booking system with your patient record and cash register systems
  • Avoid double bookings
  • Easily contact patients regarding changes in the booking
  • Send automatic reminders and information about the booking to the patient

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Which booking system should you choose?

The most important thing when choosing a system is to start from the needs and budget of the business. How much can you afford to spend on a booking system, and which features are critical for you? A user-friendly, flexible system that saves time for the clinic and also offers a free entry level is a good place to start. Some systems have extra costs associated that are not always easy to identify at the start. Some systems also require an installation cost, which can be good to keep an eye on.

The fact that the booking system is user-friendly also reduces the threshold to get started and saves time for everyone involved in managing bookings.

Think about how you see the business growing over time and make sure the system takes into account increased needs in the future.

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What does a booking system cost?

Many booking systems offer features and extra services that are only useful to larger companies and businesses. Therefore, the cost for these systems is often higher. Sometimes booking systems offers different levels when it comes to pricing, but even the lowest level can be too high as an entry level for small clinics or startups that are extra cost-sensitive.

Are there any simple booking systems that are completely free?

It can be difficult for smaller clinics and salons, which do not have the same needs as the larger players, to find a booking system that offers the most important features at a low price. But there are actually free booking systems that allow the clinic to grow together with its system.

With Meridiq’s booking system, you get access to all functions and bookings without time limits, completely free. The booking system is user-friendly and easy to get started with, perfect for beauty salons, therapists, and clinics. Completely without binding time or requirements to provide credit card information.

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